About the Course

Cultus Lake Golf Club


Beauty & The Beast

A Course of Contrast & Challenge

Discover the undeniable “Beauty” as soon as you step onto our course, nestled just a mere ten minutes south of Highway 1. Prepare to be enchanted by the pristine maintenance of our fairways, set against the breathtaking backdrop of majestic mountains and serene parkland vistas.

This golfing paradise effortlessly marries scenic splendor with the “Beast” of a challenge it presents, ensuring a memorable experience that appeals to both the eye and the spirit of competition.

Where the “Beast” Roars to Life

Venturing into Cultus Lake Golf Club transcends the mere stroll through parkland—it awakens the “beast”. This par 63 masterpiece stretches beyond 4,000 yards, promising not just a game but a quest. Here, every fairway and green is a test, a call to arms that demands precision, strategy, and the full arsenal of your club bag.

Prepare yourself for an engaging battle where every hole offers a unique challenge, ensuring that your pursuit of glory will be as rewarding as it is demanding.


Where Challenge Meets Charm

Nestled amidst towering fir and cedar trees, Cultus Lake Golf Club’s narrow fairways command a strategic mind right from the tee-off. The beauty of this course is not just in its scenic vistas but in the intricately designed holes, where the undulating greens—often guarded with finesse—make every par a triumph of skill and strategy.

Beyond its enchanting and demanding layout, Cultus Lake Golf Club is a haven for golfers looking to hone their game, offering top-tier practice facilities including a dedicated practice hole, an expansive practice area, and a covered driving range.

Here, the journey through each hole is an exquisite blend of natural beauty and golfing challenge, ensuring a round that’s as rewarding as it is breathtaking.

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